Why a softlanding program?

This sotflanding program aims at supporting international entrepreneurs by giving them all the necessary information they need (about legal, financial, economic or cultural issues) to set up their business in Grenoble Alpes and in France. We also consider personal matters as setting up a business abroad is not only a professional issue but also a life choice.
As part of this softlanding program, we’re organising an international bootcamp twice a year in order to let foreign entrepreneurs discover both our innovative ecosystem and our quality of life.
–> Grenoble Alpes International Bootcamps:

  • For whom? International entrepreneurs interested in setting up a business in our unique innovation ecosystem.
  • When? Twice a year – next bootcamp at the end of November.
  • How much does it cost? All the program is free. Entrepreneurs have to pay for transportation and accommodation.
  • What’s in the program? Meetings with industrial actors and startups, visit of research lab or facility, pitch session at a stellar local incubator and masterclasses with local experts dealing with legal, financial and cultural issues of setting up a business in France.
  • How to apply? Contact us and tell us more about you and your project!

OUR NEXT BOOTCAMP (November 26-29, 2023)

The Grenoble Alpes International Bootcamp will welcome international startups and entrepreneurs to Grenoble Alpes for 3 to 4 days of efficient and informative meetings, visits and pitch sessions, November 26-29, 2023
Discover our innovative ecosystem and exceptional quality of life. Join in for meet with Grenoble Alpes-area industrial actors and startups, as well as pitch sessions, to resident and internationally active economic and innovation actors at a stellar local incubator. Attend masterclasses to demystify the legal, financial and cultural issues of setting up a business in France. Lastly, take advantage of a tailor-made program of visits and meetings on the final day, according to the specific needs and sector of activity.
Importantly, the Grenoble Alpes International Bootcamp will take place in collaboration with and during the exclusive High-Level Forum Annual Summit which the startups are invited to attend, affording entrepreneurs exceptional international visibility.

–>  See our last Bootcamp, the SkInnovation week.

Sunday November 26th (optional)
Recreational program with High Level Forum participants​

Monday November 27th
Discovering the Grenoble Alpes ecosystem

Tuesday November 28th​
Implementing your business in France & Day one of Pitch Sessions

Wednesday November 29th
Day 2 of Pitch Sessions and personalized program of visits and meetings


They chose Grenoble Alpes for the exceptional quality of life