The Skinnovation week:
a bootcamp for international startups


A FAISE event with double focus “innovation” and “outdoor, quality of life in the Alps” from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March 2023.

During two missions that took place in 2022 in Israel and in partnership with Business France Tel Aviv, the idea of organising an “innovation & ski” bootcamp came up. The offices of Business France Istanbul and United Arab Emirates rapidly joined the project. Thanks to their prospection campaign, 15 other companies/businesses demonstrated an acute interest in attending the next edition of this bootcamp.


For this first edition, 3 companies/businesses came to Grenoble:

  • Polin technology (specialised in semiconductors)
  • Yapidrom (specialised in information technology and advertising issues in the automation sector, City Design, and construction)
  • XcelleRait (innovative software solution design integrating AI for theoretical instruction and the practice of surgical procedures)


A tailor-made program built around these themes:

  • Doing Business in France
  • Innovation made in Grenoble Alpes
  • Funding and Support


One outdoor day “Live in the Capital of the Alps”:

  • Guided visit of the city’s historical centre
  • Discovery of the “wizz sled” activity
  • Outdoor lunch on the terrace of a panoramic-view restaurant
  • Experience skiing with an ESF instructor


Meetings and exchange-time in locations/places dedicated to innovation:

  • Village by CA, start-up incubator
  • Totem, headquarters of French Tech in the Alps
  • Medytech, start-up incubator specialised in the field of health and medical technologies, as well as headquarters of the Medicalp’s cluster


The challenge: bringing together a wide panel of speakers accurately illustrating Grenoble’s dynamic ecosystem

Grenoble Alpes’ strength is the incredible synergy existing between all these actors. Here are the ones that have declared themselves available for the bootcamp:

  • Research institutes: CEA TECH
  • Network heads: GIANT, FrenchTech in the Alps
  • Large businesses: STmicroelectronics, Schneider Electric, HPE
  • Startups: Weebit Nano (Israeli startup already implemented in Grenoble Alpes), Verkor, Intento Design, Hawai Tech, Smellive
  • Incubators and start-up accelerators: Satt Linksium, Inovallée, Tarmac Incubator, Medytech
  • Investors and experts: Grenoble Angels, BPI, ORIEL law office, Auvalie Tech
  • Clusters / competitiveness clusters: MINALOGIC, Medicalps

Planned visits to internationally renowned research centres:

In addition to the thematical meetings and experts’ interventions, the program also arranged the discovery of 2 prominent sites of the territory that particularly impressed the partakers:

  • CEA’s showroom, located in the heart of the Y Spot building, that accumulates in a single location the latest innovations issued by various teams of the research centre.
  • The synchrotron (European Synchrotron Research Facility), the most powerful source of X-rays in the world and symbol of local excellence in terms of basic and applied research