Grenoble Alpes: an exceptional way of life

In Grenoble Alpes, nature is at our doorstep. The metropolitan area is comfortably nestled between three mountain ranges – Belledonne, Vercors & Chartreuse. In addition, the city is only minutes from two of the more well-known Alpine ranges – the Taillefer and the Oisans. The surrounding area includes 8 national hiking trails (GR), 1 national park and 2 regional parks. 

alpes montagne parc vercors oisans naturel

Life in Grenoble Alpes is defined by its outdoor and cultural activities. The natural environment provides local residents with exceptional opportunities to practice outdoor sports: 2,025 km of hiking trails, 25 ski resorts, countless canyoning and trail running sites, to mention a few… And perched on a cliff overlooking the valley, the small town of Saint-Hilaire du Touvet offers one of the most well-known paragliding sites in France.

With 100,000 people who are officially members of a sports federation (not to mention all those who participate in sports activities unofficially) Grenoble Alpes is, by proportion, the “most athletic” metropolitan area in France.

Grenoble Alpes offers a rich cultural life: 

x  Grenoble was awarded the label “City of art and history”, a national recognition, by the Ministry of Culture and Communication.
x Grenoble’s main art museum is home to the 2nd largest collection of modern paintings in France.
x The metropolitan area possesses 27 of the Isère Department’s 165 museums.
x Grenoble is home to the annual Street Art Festival, the largest in Europe, which has added 115 colorful murals to the city’s buildings.
x Each year, the MC2 national theater is the setting of 80 performances (theater, concerts, dance, circus, etc.)
x  The Hexagone national arts and sciences theater offers innovative cultural experiences, where the creation, production and projection of live performances are designed to question our society’s most pressing issues.
x Other performance halls and theaters also offer a rich and varied performance schedule.

In addition to providing a stimulating leisure environment for residents, Grenoble Alpes has also been an active in anticipating and planning for the energy transition. As early as 2005, an Air-Energy-Climate Plan was put in place in the metropolitan area and in 2009 France’s first “eco neighborhood” was built in the city’s center (Caserne de Bonne). 320 km of bike lanes have been added to the area in the past decade.

The metropolitan area also boasts a public transportation network that is among the most developed in France. It has distinguished itself as being one of the most accessible networks in Europe for people with reduced mobility.

Grenoble Alpes: get ahead 

In order to increase Grenoble’s reach, local actors have created a community around the banner “Grenoble Alpes”.

A collective action to promote a city that continues to attract innovative and pioneering projects in the domains of the energy transition, ecology and the social economy.

Spread the word about Grenoble’s activity by becoming a Grenoble Alpes pioneer!

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natural parks (2 region parks & 1 national park)
hours of sun per year (as much as Toulouse or Bordeaux)
Top French city for ``eco-friendly`` daily commutes
ski resorts
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