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Co-CEO & Co-founder IQM Quantum Computers

We see a lot of potential in France actually, especially in the Grenoble ecosytem where we are planning to build our new factory. There’s lots of good research talent pools, but then of course very strong companies there, and this made us plan to build the fab in Grenoble.

Giorgio Anania
CEO of Aledia
Grenoble is one of the best places in the world for semiconductor technologies – all the biggest international clients come through here. The proximity with the CEA Leti labs and the entire Grenoble research ecosystem … Here we have everything.
In terms of cost and timing, Grenoble gave us the best offer. Investing money is always a risk, and here we had a lot of support, whereas in Asia we would not have had so much support behind us!
Coby Hanoch
CEO of Weebit Nano (Israel)
Grenoble is a one of the leading hi-tech centers in Europe with excellent technical talent. CEA/Leti is a leading research center at a worldwide level and we are very proud to have them as our development partners.
Irina Cornaciu
For us establishing ALPX in Grenoble Alpes was the ideal choice because of the concentration of strong research teams and qualified professionals, world-wide leading infrastructures for research and a culture of institutional support for start-ups that has led to a vibrant network of biotech companies.
Parker Harris
Co-founder of Salesforce (USA)
Salesforce is partaking in the battle for global talent. In San Francisco, we are competing with Facebook, Google and Twitter, and in the research sector, the competition is particularly tight. We discovered that Grenoble offers a wealth of talent in our domain.
Thierry Lazerand
Director of Marketing for Plasma-Therm (USA)
The dynamism of the semiconductor industry around Grenoble is undeniable, which has made it a strategically vital place to be. This is perfectly in line with Plasma-Therm’s strategy for establishing our European headquarters here.
Robert Selley
Vice President of Sales & Services for FormFactor (USA)
After the European Union announced its plan to invest €1.75B in microelectronics research and innovation, it was extremely important for us to open a new service center in Montbonnot-Saint-Martin, which is geographically close to our main semiconductor manufacturing clients. We are very pleased to be inaugurating this new center, located in Grenoble Alpes’ surrounding area.
Julien Mottin
Application Director, Prophesee (France)
There is no other place in France like Grenoble for microelectronics, embedded systems, and imaging.
Xavier Pain
CEO of Gulplug (France)
In the space of a single day, we can meet with R&D teams from major research centers – like G2ELab or the CEA – and with Openlab, the quick prototyping department of Schneider Electric. Just a few minutes from each other! The concentration of industry actors in the area is an indisputable advantage.
Stéphane Lavallée
CEO of eCential Robotics (France)
Grenoble is the world capital for surgical robotics. It has been an innovative hub since 1986 and has the largest number of specialized startups in the field.
Rachid Yazami
Inventor of the graphite anode of lithium-ion batteries, Draper prize 2014, Founder of KVI
I first chose Grenoble for my higher Education and then my PhD thesis on graphite materials for Li-Ion battery electrodes because of the 1968 Olympic Games and the University reputation, especially as regards to its high ranking in electrochemistry. I never regretted my choice, and my Draper prize has comforted my opinion. Grenoble is a top location and rich ecosystem for International industrial and technological actors, and that’s why I have indeed decided to locate my own startup’s (KVI ltd, HQ in Singapore) European subsidiary here.