GrenobleAlpes' innovative startups
and SMEs
sail past the 2 billion euro mark

GrenobleAlpes’ innovative startups and SMEs sail past the 2 billion euro mark

In 2018, years before INSEE published its recent (and very first) study on French startups, where it demonstrated that startups create more jobs than other type of company, Grenoble-Alpes Métropole had already established an economic observatory dedicated to tracking the activity of local startups and innovative SMEs.

2021 marks an important step for the metropolitan area: the cumulative funds raised in the past 20 years by Grenoble Alpes’ innovative startups and SMEs has now passed the 2 billion euro mark. And the pace is accelerating! 2020 and 2021 were both record-breaking years with, respectively, 389M euros and 513 million euros raised.

In the last two years, several standout companies have raised over 100 million euros: eCential Robotics, Waga Energy, McPhy, Verkor. They each have the goal of answering tomorrow’s challenges in their field, whether it be healthcare, energy, industry, transportation and more… After ten years of R&D work, Aledia will soon begin high-volume production at a site in GrenobleAlpes…
and others companies will not be far behind!