More than €1 billion raised by Grenoble-Alpes startups in 2023 !

More than €1 billion raised by Grenoble-Alpes startups in 2023 !

Grenoble-Alpes ranks4th in Europe for DEEPTECH startups financing, according to Dealroom’s ” 2023 European Deep Tech Report“.

In 2023, more than 30 Grenoble Alpes’ startups raised funds worth a cumulative 1.12 billion euros. Contrary to the national downward trend (-38% in value according to EY’s latest venture capital barometer), the region is benefiting from a spectacular increase in funds raised by startups, a figure twice as high as 2022 (525 million) or 2021 (548 million). This represents more than 13% of the total amount raised in France (8.3 billion euros), and almost 5% in volume (34 out of 715 deals carried out in France).

Three quarters of this is attributable to the biggest ever fund-raising by a start-up in France: VERKOR (founded in Grenoble in 2020) for 850 million euros, plus bank financing from the European Investment Bank and French subsidies for a total of 2 billion euros. Part of this financing will be dedicated to the development of their first pilot line in Grenoble (aiming to produce 3,000 batteries a year) and another to their gigafactory in Dunkirk.

However, the other Grenoble Alpes’ startups have raised a total of 278 million euros in funding.


Semiconductors :

Greenwaves (ultra-low-power artificial intelligence processors), Quobly (quantum chips (Qbit) on silicon), Microoled (OLED microdisplays), Aledia (LED light-emitting diodes) and Upmem (semiconductors boosting datacenter computing speed and reducing energy consumption).


MedTechs :

Intuiskin (innovative solutions dedicated to skin analysis, acquired by IEVA GROUP in 2023), Mag4Health (diagnosis of neuronal diseases thanks to a solution based on quantum sensors), Kayentis (electronic collection of patient data in clinical trials), Inject Power (rechargeable micro-batteries for autonomous implantable medical devices), Twinsight (biomechanical simulation software for orthopedic surgery), Emoface (application to help autistic people understand and express emotions and manage social situations), GeodAIsics (decision-support software based on generative artificial intelligence), MoreHisto (image analysis software for biological samples),


Greentechs and Renewable Energies (apart Verkor) :

BeFC (ecological batteries for low-consumption devices), MagREEsource (recycling and manufacture of industrial magnets), Diamsens (artificial diamond for water quality control), Renaissance Fusion (nuclear fusion based on a stellarator reactor), Alpinov X ( low-energy cold production process), BoucL Energie (producer of renewable and local energy for business parks and residential areas), Survoltage (mobile application that encourages individuals to reduce their electricity consumption during peak periods), Enogrid (simulation software designed to convert companies to collective self-consumption), Carbonable tech (blockchain platform dedicated to the management of carbon offsetting), Tera environnement (analysis of chemical contaminants in the), TOLV (retrofit of commercial vehicles), Ficha (AI-based waste characterization solution), Cilkoa (biodegradable and recyclable cellulose packaging, resistant to water, steam and oxygen, free from plastics), Funcell (biosourced additive that improves the strength of paper and cardboard), Caeli Energie (low-carbon air-conditioning systems), Hymag’in (production of nano-ferrites up to 100 times smaller than current materials).

Other sectors :

Igonogo (survey software), Kheoos (maintenance parts inventories), Losonnante (bone conduction audio solution), Caprin (trail and running clothing made in France using recycled or bio-sourced materials).